We are your local partner when placing consultants in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
You find the right candidate - We handle the employment.

Fulfilling and documenting local compliance has never received more attention. Rules and legislation changes constantly as well as each consultant’s personal circumstances. When you partner up with GTS Nordic, you can leave all the local handling such as tax registration, social security, work permits and VISA to us.

GTS Nordic Employed solution

With a GTS Nordic employed solution, you and your consultant are in safe hands throughout the whole assignment as the overall tax liability will be moved to the employer – GTS Nordic. Once the consultant is fully registered, we issue the Compliance Certificate, documenting that the consultant’s tax liability is no longer a potential risk for the end client. This Compliance Certificate is a valuable tool for the end client, in order to document that you and the consultant are being managed in a professional matter.

Employment in 8 simple steps

Step 1

Agency finds the prospective Consultant for the End Client.


Step 2

Agency and Consultant negotiate salary, set a start date, and agree on the scope of the assignment.


Step 3

Agency and GTS Nordic enter into a service agreement, which mirrors the terms agreed to by the Consultant.


Step 4

GTS Nordic and Consultant enter into an employment contract.


Step 5

The Consultant turns in End Client-approved timesheets to GTS Nordic.


Step 6

GTS Nordic invoices the Agency based on approved timesheet in accordance with the terms of the service agreement.


Step 7

GTS Nordic receives payment from the Agency.


Step 8

GTS Nordic pays the Consultant, then reports and settles taxes and social contributions.

Not a recruitment agency

GTS Nordic is not a recruitment agency, and we do not facilitate the search of foreign talent.

GTS Nordic takes over when you have located the right candidate. Based on the conditions agreed to by you and the consultant, we take you through the implications of working in Scandinavia, ensuring that circumstances such as work permits, EU registration, tax matters, etc. are made clear, and everyone involved are aware of the possible consequences.

Fast Track Certification

Pre-approved work permits.

GTS Nordic is fast track certified, which means that we can pre-approve work permits for non-EU citizens, enabling the consultant to start work almost as swiftly as a local applicant. Consequently, you will have greater opportunities to hire the top candidate for any given assignment – without factoring in nationality or worrying about the timeframe.

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If your consultant is a non-EU passport holder it is required to obtain a valid work permit when contracting and working in the Nordics for an end client. 

As a part of our payroll and management services, we can sponsor work and residence permits as well as Business Visas for non-EU passport holders.

Working in the Nordics without a valid work permit can lead to substantial penalties and fines for the end client as well as deportation for the consultant – GTS Nordic will be your guarantee for a professional handling.

Airport walk

Your local partner

We are pleased to assist in every aspect of the immigration process including:

Work and residence permits

To qualify for a work permit, your client must have received an official offer of employment from a Danish, Swedish or Norwegian employer.

Business Visa

We can assist with any global business visa. A business visa is solely for business relations and meetings which have no involvement in anything considered labor.

Family residence permits

Once the work permit has been approved, a family permit can be applied for. As long as the family adhere to the conditions set by the local Immigrations, they may stay with your client during the entire duration of the contract.

Mandatory insurance

If required we can offer consultants on employed solutions to be covered by GTS Nordic's Public Liability, Personal Indemnity Insurance and/or Compulsory Industrial Injury insurance.

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Our expert team tailor to the needs of each individual consultant at each stage of their relocation – prior to arrival, during the assignment and once it is time to leave again.

GTS Nordic is a premium service company catering to the needs of all foreign consultants who are to work in the Nordics enabling our team to assist Scandinavian and International Companies with any mobility assignment.

We are privileged to work with global partners to ensure that the consultants arrive in their new settings with ease. We inform and guide them in every step of the process to ensure all mandatory registration is fulfilled.


Relocate easily

GTS Nordic can assist in every aspect of the relocation including:

Airport pick up

Cross-cultural trainings

Temporary Accommodation

Learn the language

Spouse assistance

Mandatory Registration Guidance

Settling in




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