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How will the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union affect consultants in the Nordics?

November 10, 2020, Denmark

SIRI information letter on Brexit sent to UK citizens, November 2020

Click the link below to read the letter regarding your right to residence as a UK citizen residing in Denmark in connection with the UK leaving the EU.

Read the letter here.

October 27, 2020, Denmark

On Friday, head of the Brexit Department at SIRI – the Danish agency for International Recruitment and Integration – announced to participants at Danish Industry’s Business Forum 2020 (Dansk Industris Erhvervsforum 2020) their plans for UK citizens living and working in Denmark once the Brexit transition period is no longer in effect.


  • British citizens that are registered as living in Denmark, i.e. have a Danish address and a full-fledged CPR number, will be allowed to remain on terms similar to their current situation. The CPR number must be obtained prior to 31/12/2020 for this to apply.
  • British citizens currently working in Denmark on a tax number, i.e. they are currently working and paying taxes in Denmark, but return to the UK on a regular basis and have not taken up legal residence in Denmark, will have to either CPR register by 31/12/2020 or they will be obliged to apply for a work and residence permit before returning on 01/01/2021.
  • British citizens arriving on or after 01/01/2021 will need to apply for a work and residence permit on similar terms as other non-EU countries to be allowed to work in Denmark.


This means that additional requirements may apply to the terms of employment.

Though Danish government agencies have previously hinted that an EU Registration Certificate would be sufficient evidence to remain in Denmark, SIRI has put this theory to rest. Though it is still necessary to obtain an EU R. C. to CPR register, the document itself will not establish residence, which is required to remain in Denmark based on EU regulations.

British citizens currently registered in Denmark, will have to submit a Right of Residence application. They will be contacted by SIRI with directions of how to apply for continued residence in Denmark. This process will begin on 01/01/2021 and must have been completed before 31/12/2021. During the processing of the application, legal residence is retained.

If you are a British citizen with a Danish CPR number, you may expect a letter from SIRI in the beginning of November at the address where you are registered, which describes the application process. In order to limit the number of applications SIRI receives, they have decided to assign each applicant an interval during which their application must be submitted. A second letter will follow in December, with the timeframe for applying.

October 6, 2020, Denmark

As we enter the final quarter of 2020, the Brexit transition period is likewise coming to an end.

At GTS Nordic Denmark we are committed to ensuring that our consultants will experience as little disruption as possible due to the coming changes. Dedicated members of the team are working diligently to keep updated and gather information. Final guidelines have yet to be issued by the Danish government, but in the interim, we encourage our British consultants to continue to follow the recommendations issued for the transition period.

British citizens currently living and working in Denmark will, at least for the time being, be allowed to remain with no changes in immigration status. For those consultants who have already obtained a CPR number, no additional actions are required at this time. If the consultant is registered under a tax number, they are required to obtain an EU Registration Certificate prior to 31/12/2020, as this document will be considered the basis of establishing their right to continued employment in Denmark following Brexit.

It is important to be aware that the Danish immigration agency, SIRI, is experiencing a lot of delays due to the global CoViD pandemic, and we recommend that British citizens without a CPR number or an EU Registration Certificate books an appointment as soon as possible, as general national government closures and the eventual holidays might push the process past the end-of-year due date.

The Danish Government has not, as yet, issued a plan for consultants arriving in Denmark after 01/01/2021, but as citizens of a non-EU country, new arrivals are expected to require a work permit to work legally in Denmark. At GTS Nordic we are FastTrack certified, which means that we are able assist our non-EU consultants obtain a work permit that will allow them to begin work within 24-48 hours of arriving.

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