Nordic Employment solutions

By taking care of all the administration we assist you, as a temporary working consultant, to fulfil the strict compliance requirements of the Nordic countries so you can keep your focus on the assignment.

We act as your employer and make sure that you and your employer are happy and benefit from the highest retention rates legally possible.
In order to optimise your retention rate we offer an initial conversation – free of charge - where we analyse your situation and advise you about the best set-up.
From setting up compliant tax structures, local in-country registration through to submitting timesheets and getting paid on time, you’ll find GTS Nordic an invaluable partner when contracting in the Nordics.

How does it work?


Projection of Net Pay estimate

We provide you with a customised initial projection based on your agreed contractual rate.



Once an agreement is reached, contractual agreements are entered into.


Registration in Scandinavia

Full assistance with mandatory registration – CPR registration, Tax and Work Permits for Non-EU Citizens.


Work and salary

Commence work. At the end of every month you are to provide a time sheet to us. We will then pay out your monthly salary.

Employment in Denmark

With an employed solution with GTS Nordic Denmark, we take care of everything and ensure that, not only your tax payments, but also the various mandatory social security contributions are paid in due time. As your legal temporary employer, we stand liable for any irregularities.

When the registration at the various Danish authorities is finalised we issue the compulsory Certificate of Compliance as requested by many Danish end clients.


Taxable in Denmark?

When contracting in Denmark as a freelancer, you will most likely be taxable from day one. The 183 day rule do not apply in Denmark and it is therefore required - and often requested by the end-client - that you have a documented compliant set-up.


If required by the Agency and/or the End-client we can offer consultants on employed solutions to be covered by GTS Nordic's Public Liability, Personal Indemnity Insurance and/or Compulsory Industrial Injury insurance.

Contracting via own company or an employed solution?

In most situations, the most tax efficient set-up is the employed solution, as you can then utilise the 32,84 % flat rate ETS (Expat Taxation Scheme). This tax scheme cannot be used when working through your own limited company - meaning the taxation will then follow the normal Danish progressive tax scheme - typically between 43%- 48%.

Expat Taxation Scheme (§48e)

For consultants who are contractually employed with a Danish entity and a qualifying monthly salary, they may qualify for the ETS, if they have not been otherwise taxed in Denmark within the last 10 years. The ETS is a flat tax rate of 32,84% (2018) and includes full Danish Social Security coverage. For detailed information please use below link.

ETS in brief

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Employment in Sweden

GTS Nordic Sweden operates as an umbrella company, providing contractors and freelancers with all of the securities associated with employment in Sweden.
As your employer GTS Nordic is responsible for reporting and settlement of taxes and social security contribution to the authorities and will be liable for any irregularity.


Taxable in Sweden?

When contracting in Sweden as a freelancer, you will most likely be taxable from day one unless you live abroad and work in Sweden for less than 183 days and your employer is a foreign legal entity with no requirement for permanent establishment in Sweden.


In Sweden compliant contracting can be done in different ways. Each set up is dependent on the contractual terms, length and personal circumstances.


A fixed retention rate can only be guaranteed for contractors working less than 183 days in Sweden, where the State Income tax for non-residents (SINK tax) can be applied. Being on SINK tax, net retention rate is around 60 % depending on reimbursable expenses.

For longer contracts the Swedish Expert Taxation Scheme is the most optimal solution, with net retention rates of 55-60 %.


When employed by GTS Nordic you are covered by our life insurance and occupational injury insurance.

If required by the Agency and/or the End-client we can offer consultants on employed solutions to be covered by GTS Nordic's Public Liability, Personal Indemnity Insurance and/or Compulsory Industrial Injury insurance.

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Employment in Norway

Being a contractor in GTS Nordic Norway means that you are taken care of by a team of professionals that are experts in navigating through the regulations in our country. In our projections we take advantage of the possible tax deductions you may be entitled to receive, giving you the best retention rates possible to receive by using legal and compliant solutions.


Retention rates includes tax deductions benefits

All our projections include the best possible tax deductions you might be entitled to receive, due to your employment situation. For example, if you are a commuter with a house or family in your home country, all expenses related to housing and travels might be directly deducted from your taxable income.

Payment of taxes

Calculating, reporting and paying taxes in Norway might be challenging due to the need of local knowledge. With the GTS Nordic solution the contractor or agency are 100% sure that this is handled according to the current regulations and laws.

Tax return

All expats and employees in Norway will on annual basis receive a pre-filled tax return which needs attention before filing it. GTS Nordic may help you find the deductions you are entitled to and save taxes.

Payroll processing

Every month we invoice the contractor’s rate to the agency or end client. When funds are received, payroll is processed and net salary is paid out within 24 hours.

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