Declaration of Consent

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Declaration of Consent

This document is an addendum to the employment contract and must be signed by the Employee. It contains a Declaration of Consent in accordance with the 2018 European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and details the person data collected and the processes for which the data is used, in so far as these processes pertain to the individual registered person’s specific situation.



By signing this Declaration of Consent, the Employee authorizes the Company to process their personal data in regard to their employment with the Company and its affiliated companies. The personal data processed by the Company is name, CPR-number (Civil Person’s Registry), date of birth, address, telephone, work telephone, cellphone, email address, employment contract, area of work, job title, date of hire, application, resume, diplomas, visa, car, familial relationships, sick days, taxes, bank account, private economy such as the calculation of net salary, and similar purely private conditions.



The Employee’s personal data will solely be requested by and processed within the Company and its affiliated companies, and only if and when it is deemed necessary and relevant in regard to their employment with the Company.

These processes involve communication with the Agency and/ or the End Client, visa, residence and work permit application, CPR or tax card registration, tax application, timesheet registration, and payroll.  Information shall not be requested unless it is required to ensure that the Employee will be compliant with Danish legislation.



The processing of the Employee’s personal data may take place by electronic and manual means. This processing involves transfer, registration, storage, printing, and deletion of information. The specific processors are email and server provider, CRM system, online banking system, payroll system, digital transaction manager, accountant, legal representative, recruiter, encryption provider, Danish immigrations, Danish tax authorities (SKAT), corporate housing companies, the Register for Foreign Service Providers (RUT), pension, health insurance, and national social security.



The Employee’s personal data will only be available to relevant, designated persons in the Company and affiliated companies, and will not be shared or transferred to anyone other than these unless required by law.



In accordance with Danish law, the Employee is at any time entitled to request information from the Company about what data is being processed and other important matters relating to the processing of their personal data. Additionally, they may request the correction of incorrect or changed data, or for data to be deleted from the Company's registers, so long as the deletion does not contravene compliance with Danish legislation.



The Company retains the Employee’s personal data for five (05) years after their resignation in accordance with the Danish Bookkeeping Act. At that time, their file and data will be deleted without further notice from the Company.



The Employee is entitled to revoke their consent at any time.

I, the undersigned, hereby give my consent for the Company to process information about me, including my personal data, as described in the above.