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Our Danish 3rd Party Services are for companies that wish to hire employees in Denmark directly. We can assist the employees with work permits, accompanying family resident permits, tax registration, and CPR number on behalf of the employer. Let us be your preferred compliance partner.

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Work Permits & Family Permits

If your company has employees who reside outside the EU, let us assist with work permits on behalf of your employees.

When you hire employees in Denmark, we submit the application with the Danish Immigration Authorities and handle all eventualities.

Tax Registration

We take full responsibility for handling tax registration, and we make sure that everything is compliant with Danish laws and requirements when you hire employees in Denmark.

CPR Number

Once residence registration is completed, we provide assistance with getting a CPR Number for your employee.

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Ready to hire employees in Denmark, but got a few questions left unanswered? Here are some common questions.

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GTS Nordic is fast-track certified, and we are able to process and issue work permits within approximately 2 weeks.

The onboarding process for both non-EU and EU consultants is incredibly fast in Denmark. On top of that, the expat taxation scheme ensures extremely beneficial salary payments. Our Danish 3rd Party Services guide you through every step of the onboarding process.

Yes. At GTS Nordic we have many years of experience in offering highly flexible, streamlined solutions for your employment, payroll and immigration needs.

Denmark has thriving pharmaceutical, energy and IT sectors. Engineering in general also has a lot of opportunities.

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