Relocation Services Denmark

I want to thank you for the impressive service and attention to my needs during the 3 plus years working in Denmark, the attention to my documents and scheduling of the appointments was very good.

Rodney Grubham, TotalEnergies

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Relocating to Denmark and Obtaining a Work Permit

Securing a job is only the first step of the relocation process. The second is to plan and carry out your move, and we know this may be a daunting prospect. Learning a new language, getting to know a new country, and starting a new job is a lot to take on.


We understand that preparation and an eye for detail can be the key to success. We wish to remain Denmark’s premier employment services provider, and this inspires us to go the extra mile to ensure that your relocation to Denmark is a success.

For non-EU citizens, a valid work permit is required when working in Denmark. Beginning work without obtaining a valid work permit may lead to penalties for both the employee and the end client, including fines and deportation. Our Danish Mobillity Services are conducted by our expert team, who handles the entire application process.

GTS Nordic works closely with the Danish Immigration Authorities to make sure that we provide the best possible solution for you and your family’s circumstances.

Relocation Services Denmark

GTS Nordic is fast-track certified to handle and process Work Permits in less than 2 weeks. As part of our Danish Mobility Services, we can ensure that relocating to Denmark is a smooth and efficient process.

Furthermore, we guarantee that the contract meets the requirements of Danish employment laws.

Employer of Record in Denmark

General Assistance with Relocating to Denmark

As part of our Danish Mobility Services, we provide general assistance with everything related to your safe and efficient relocation to Denmark.

We provide assistance with getting CPR Number and a yellow health insurance card. Airport pick-up, temporary accommodation, schooling, mandatory de-registration guidance & much more can be negotiated depending on your needs.


Immigration to Denmark as Non-EU Citizen

If you are a non-EU citizen, obtaining a work permit is essential before moving to Denmark. GTS Nordic works closely with the Danish Immigration Authorities, and we specialize in handling immigration matters, including work permits, ensuring a smooth transition for professionals, their families, and businesses alike.

The Importance of CPR-Number in Danish Healthcare

Denmark boasts a comprehensive healthcare system that covers all residents. To access public healthcare, you must obtain a personal identification number (CPR number) and register with the Danish National Health Service. GTS Nordic guides you through this process, ensuring you can access quality healthcare services upon arrival.

Partner with GTS Nordic

With GTS Nordic’s EOR solution, you can rely on our team of professionals to handle all compliance- and HR-related duties, from onboarding to termination. We have extensive knowledge of Danish labor and employment legislation and can ensure that your business is always in compliance with local laws and regulations.
If you’re looking for a dependable partner that can take care of your HR needs and help with relocating to Denmark compliantly and swiftly, get in touch with GTS Nordic today

"GX greatly values our partnership with GTS Nordic. We have experienced an excellent level of service from this partner, including good response time, a high level of professionalism and subject knowledge. We would highly recommend GTS Nordic."

Katie Twynam, GX