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For non-EU citizens, a valid work permit is required when working in Denmark. Beginning work without obtaining a valid work permit may lead to penalties for both the employee and the end client, including fines and deportation. Our Danish Immigration & Mobility Services are conducted by our expert team, who handles the entire application process.

GTS Nordic works closely with the Danish Immigration Authorities to make sure that we provide the best possible solution for you and your family’s circumstances.

Immigration & Mobility Services Denmark

Fast-Track Certified

GTS Nordic is fast-track certified to handle and process Work Permits in less than 2 weeks. As part of our Danish Immigration & Mobility Services, we can ensure your fast relocation to Denmark.

We guarantee that the contract meets the requirements of Danish employment laws.

Work Permit Requirements

GTS Nordic will provide the information and documents needed to establish residence and register for taxes in Denmark.

Our team is on hand throughout the process to answer questions and make sure that you know exactly what to expect when dealing with the Danish authorities.

CPR Number

We provide assistance with getting CPR Number and a yellow health insurance card.

General Assistance

As part of our Danish Immigration & Mobility Services, we provide general assistance with everything related to your safe and efficient relocation to Denmark.

Relocate to Denmark. Efficiently.

Securing a job is only the first step of the relocation process. The second is to plan and carry out your move, and we know this may be a daunting prospect. Learning a new language, getting to know a new country, and starting a new job is a lot to take on.


We understand that preparation and an eye for detail can be the key to success. We wish to remain Denmark’s premier employment services provider, and this inspires us to go the extra mile to ensure that your relocation to Denmark is a success.

We are pleased to assist with...

Airport pick-up

We will pick you up at the airport and guide you to your accomodation.

temporary accomodation

We will set you up with temporary accomodation if needed.

spouse/family assistance

We will assist you in bringing your spouse/family to Denmark.

Settling in

We will guide you through how to get 'settled in' quickly and conveniently.


We will assist with finding schools or other institutions for your kids as per your specified requirements.

cross-cultural trainings

We will help you understand and adapt to any possible cultural differences.

learn the language

We will help you find a program tailored to your current level, should you wish to learn the Danish language.

mandatory registration guidance

We will guide you through mandatory registration.


We will help you with de-registration once your contract is completed - or if you should choose to leave Denmark prior to completion of your contract.

bringing your pets

We will help you with bringing your pets to Denmark as well as finding suitable accomodation for you and your pets.

Contractor Testimonials...

“I want to thank you for the impressive service and attention to my needs during the 3 plus years working in Denmark, the attention to my documents and scheduling of the appointments was very good and kept things on track for my work permit and residency permit.

I would hope that maybe in the future the opportunity for us to work together presents itself.”
Rodney Grubham

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GTS Nordic is fast-track certified, and we are able to process and issue work permits within approximately 2 weeks.

The onboarding process for both non-EU and EU consultants is incredibly fast in Denmark. On top of that, the expat taxation scheme ensures extremely beneficial salary payments.

Yes. At GTS Nordic we have many years of experience in offering highly flexible, streamlined solutions for your employment, payroll and immigration needs.

Denmark has thriving pharmaceutical, energy and IT sectors. Engineering in general also has a lot of opportunities.

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