For Non-EU consultants in Denmark who do not want to settle for less


Why Would I choose thIS SOLUTION?

As the name indicates, this solution has it all. If you want to simplify the relocation process, the Non-EU LARGE Solution includes full registration, payroll administration, and monthly pre-payments.
Personal Accident, Personal Indemnity, and Mandatory Occupational Injury Insurances are included as well, to ensure nothing stands in the way of a successful assignment.

Full compliance


Full insurance coverage

*All prepayment agreements must be approved by the finance department.

**The Danish immigrations has a Work permit handling fee of €578. This price is not included in the offer.

***Requires a CPR number

What’s included?

Employment solution

Non-EU solution - Large

With an Employment Solution, GTS Nordic becomes employer of record and the consultant is placed on our payroll. GTS Nordic takes on all liabilities associated with employing foreign workers, such as ensuring that tax and CPR registration is completed and on time, social security contributions, reporting and payment of taxes. We guarantee that the contract meets the requirements of Danish employment laws and relieve consultants and end clients of having to worry about compliance.

Payroll management

Salary payments

One of our most important tasks is to make sure that you get paid as soon as possible. Unless you choose our prepayment option, salary payments will be subject to the payment terms with the agency/end client. Our experienced accounting department transfers the money within 24 hours of receipt, and we make sure that taxes are reported and paid, correctly and on time.

Mandatory Employer contribution

Included in the solution

As is the case with other Nordic countries, the employer is obliged to make social security contributions for each of their employees. Employer costs are included in all Danish Employment Solutions.

Personal accident insurance

Full time coverage

Our Personal Accident Insurance provides compensation in case of disability caused by accidents. The insurance gives you full time coverage, meaning that you will be covered regardless of whether the injury happens on or off the job.

Onboarding and Work permit**

€1500 (included in the solution)

GTS Nordic will submit the work permit application with the Danish Immigration Authorities, assist with establishing residence in Denmark, and complete tax registration. We ensure that all requirements and deadlines for a work permit are met to allow for the consultant to begin work as quickly as possible.

PI insurance

Insurance up to €5 million

Our professional indemnity (PI) insurance is designed to protect business owners, freelancers and the self-employed if clients claim that a service is inadequate. Our PI covers up to €5 million.

Mandatory occupational insurance

GTS Nordic Employer Damage Insurance

In Denmark it is mandatory for any End Client to have an Employer Damage Insurance. This is to cover the consultant if an accident happens whilst at work. As many consultants are working from home for an End Client who is not present in Denmark, GTS Nordic offers to insure the consultant under our Employer Damage Insurance.

Pre-payment service

2% of NET

GTS Nordic offers to pay the consultant’s salary as soon as they have submitted their approved timesheet. The consultant gets paid right away and need not worry about payment terms from the end client. This option carries a cost of 2% of the net.

Additional Info

The Non-EU LARGE Solution is for the Non-EU citizen temporarily on assignment in Denmark, who will not settle for less.

This solution includes everything you need to be compliant in Denmark – and so much more!

Pre-payment ensures you get paid once you submit your approved timesheets and avoid the wait for invoices to be paid and payment terms to be met/observed. 

The Personal Accident, Professional Indemnity, Private Liability, and Mandatory Occupational Injury Insurances make certain that you are covered in all aspects during your employment.

Lastly, we make sure that you receive all the support you need to complete registration for residence and taxation and allow you to get back to work.






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