Electric Road Sweden - The infrastructure of the future?

A fossil-free alternative: Sweden leading the way

The Engineering & Sustainability sectors in the Nordic countries are thriving and attracting a lot of talent from around the globe. One remarkable project that showcases Sweden’s commitment to sustainable development is the Electric Road. This innovative infrastructure initiative is set to revolutionize transportation and pave the way for a cleaner and greener future.

According to Trafikverket, the Electric Road (E20) being built between Hallsberg and Örebro is part of the Swedish Transport Administration’s electrification program for the national road network, specifically designed for heavy goods vehicles. The pilot electric road project aims to verify and demonstrate the feasibility of this technology by installing and testing a complete electric road system. This ambitious venture will mark Sweden’s first permanent electric road, solidifying the country’s position as a pioneer in sustainable transportation solutions.

Check out the 'road map' of the project:

Driving progress: The Electric Road of the Future

Sweden’s Electric Road project exemplifies the nation’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainable infrastructure. The ambitious endeavor not only aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on fossil fuels but also presents exciting employment opportunities for both local residents and global talent.

The ongoing efforts involve meticulous planning and a procurement process to determine the technology that will be utilized for the electric road. Once the contract is awarded and the technology choice is finalized, the design and construction phase of the E20 electric road can resume. The project is expected to be completed by 2026-2027, enabling the opening of Sweden’s inaugural electric road to traffic.

Electric, exciting, elegant: Opportunities for contractors

The Electric Road Sweden project is a testament to the country’s relentless pursuit of sustainable development. By investing in groundbreaking technologies, Sweden is establishing itself as a global leader in the transition towards clean and efficient transportation. The electric road system promises not only reduced carbon emissions but also enhanced energy efficiency and noise reduction, creating a more pleasant and eco-friendly commuting experience for all.

Sweden’s commitment to developing the infrastructure of the future also presents attractive opportunities for skilled professionals seeking employment in the Engineering and Sustainability sectors. The Electric Road project requires a diverse range of expertise, from electrical engineering and infrastructure design to sustainable energy management and smart transportation systems. Foreign hires and local talent alike can contribute to this groundbreaking initiative, driving progress and shaping the future of transportation.

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