Foreign consultants working for your company as independent freelancers on a temporary B2B assignment still need to be managed in a compliant manner.

Engaging foreign consultants/freelancers is not as simple as engaging local nationals. Have you considered:

  • If the foreign consultant is taxable from day 1 - where does this leave your liability towards the Authorities?
  • Who has the overall tax liability for the consultants in-country tax reporting/settlements?
  • Has the consultant been properly registered by the local Authorities?
  • Should the consultant receive social security coverage?
  • Has the work and residence permits been validated or even applied for?
  • Has the consultant been offered the most optimal tax scheme?

GTS Nordic makes sure that all of the above is handled and fulfilled according to local laws and legislation, removing the various liabilities and day-to-day practical handling from you.

Our employ and hire-back solutions enables consultants from all over the world to work for your company like any other temp. employee, without HR involvement.

We secure an immediate job-start so your consultant can keep full focus on the actual assignment.


If your temp employee is a non-EU passport holder it is required to obtain a valid work permit when contracting and working in the Nordics. 


As a part of our payroll and management services, we can sponsor work and residence permits as well as Business Visas for non-EU passport holders.

Working in the Nordics without a valid work permit can lead to substantial penalties and fines for your company as well as deportation for the consultant – GTS Nordic will be your guarantee for a professional handling for both parties.


Our international relocation teams will take care of all the formalistic and rigid application processes, prior, during and after entering the Nordics, in order to secure a smooth and optimised handling time.

Depending of the consultant’s nationality and the location of your company, GTS Nordic can utilise our fast-track certification and pre-approve the work permit and, in most cases, secure a job start within a few days after the contract has been signed.


GTS Nordic works closely with the local Immigrations and partners to ensure that we provide the best possible solution for the consultant and his/her family’s immigration requirements.


Please feel free to contact us for further information as per.:

  • Permits for work and residence
  • Business VISA
  • Family residence permit
  • Mandatory insurance


Our expert team tailor to the needs of each individual consultant at each stage of their relocation – prior to arrival, during the assignment and once it is time to leave again.


GTS Nordic can assist in every aspect including:

·      Airport pick up

·      Temporary Accommodation

·      Spouse assistance

·      Settling in

·      Schooling

·      Cross-cultural trainings

·      Learn the language

·      Mandatory Registration Guidance

·      De-registration

·      Pets


GTS Nordic is a premium service company catering to the needs of all foreign consultants who are to work in the Nordics enabling our team to assist Scandinavian and International Companies with any mobility assignment.


We are privileged to work with global partners to ensure that your consultants arrive in their new settings with ease. We inform and guide them in every step of the process to ensure all mandatory registration is fulfilled.


We understand that good preparation and a keen sense of detail is the key to success and our aspiration to remain Scandinavia’s premier provider keeps us striving to go that extra mile.


With our In-depth understanding of International mobility, we provide all the essential information to assist in getting your consultants and their families established in Scandinavia, so they can keep their focus on the job assignment.


At GTS Nordic, our team of specialists provide a high level of service, ensure dedication and focus on your unique needs.

We arrange for all statutory reporting to Danish authorities, such so that you have one less thing to worry about. We are able to provide and facilitate Danish payroll in accordance to local legislation – tailored to your preferred set-up and requirements.

Our team take a consultative approach to ensure we cater to:

  • Management of all aspects of payroll administration
  • Flexible solutions for temporary consultants
  • Ensuring complete tax and legal compliance

We ensure to keep you well informed on legislative changes to ensure on full compliance with local legislation.

Our payroll consultants and accountants have focus on your data being processed timely and correct in order to secure an on-time payment of salaries and correct reporting/settlement towards the different authorities. 

“..We do not offer a “one-fits-all” solution as we know that every person operating in Denmark have different needs at different times. …”