Foreign consultants working as independent freelancers on temporary assignments have to be managed in a compliant manner

If a foreign consultant is working in the Nordics, it is most likely the local company’s responsibility to secure a correct handling of the income tax, social security contributions, work permit etc. according to local legislation.
With GTS Nordic as a trusted partner, we can advice on various compliant set-ups tailored to the needs of your company.

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How can GTS Nordic assist you?

Our services

Employed solution

GTS Nordic can offer an employed solution which means that the candidate is employed by us. This means that we handle the entire employment including registration, de-registration, the on-boarding process as well as payroll.

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3rd party solution

If you wish to engage the candidate temporary on your own book, GTS Nordic can assist with expertise and knowledge regarding the handling of the employment, registration and de-registration including facilitating the complete on-boarding process.

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Advisory capacity

Before choosing between an Employed Solution and the GTS Nordic 3rd party Solution we offer an advisory conversation about the different setups to make sure that you get best possible solution for your company.

One you have located the right candidate, you can refer him/her GTS Nordic who will advise about working in the Nordics including work permits, tax, registration etc.

Fast Track

If you are in a hurry with engaging a non-EU citizen to you company, GTS Nordic can utilise its Fast-Track certification, meaning that we can pre-approve work permits and ensure a fast and flexible job start


GTS Nordic facilitate the handling and registration of work permits and social security and make sure that everything is handled correctly.


Upon termination of the contract, we ensure that the individual candidate is properly deregistered. A proper de-registration is very important for both you as the end-client as well as for the consultant in order to avoid fines.

GTS Nordic Employed Solution

Employment in 8 simple steps

Step 1

End Client (or an agency) find the prospective Consultant for the assignment.


Step 2

Agency and the Consultant negotiate salary, set a start date, and agree on the scope of the assignment.


Step 3

Agency and GTS Nordic enter into a service agreement, which mirrors the terms agreed to by the Consultant.


Step 4

GTS Nordic and the Consultant enter into an employment contract.


Step 5

The Consultant turns in timesheets - approved by End Client - to GTS Nordic.


Step 6

GTS Nordic invoices Agency based on approved timesheet in accordance with the terms of the service agreement.


Step 7

GTS Nordic receives payment from the Agency.


Step 8

GTS Nordic pays the Consultant, then reports and settles taxes and social contributions.

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GTS Nordic 3rd party solution

Easy employment in 6 steps

Step 1

End Client (or an agency) find the prospective Employee for the assignment.


Step 2

End Client and the employee negotiate salary, set a start date, agree on the scope of the assignment and enter an employment contract.


Step 3

GTS Nordic facilitates the complete on-boarding process including submitting application(s) for work and residence permit on behalf of you and the employee to all relevant Immigration Authorities.


Step 4

During the application process, GTS Nordic will monitor the overall progress of the immigration process in order to minimise any bureaucratic delays / obstacles. You will at all times be updated on the current status.


Step 5

After arrival, we assist with all mandatory in-country registration such as tax card, Social Security number, bank account etc.


Step 6

If the employee wish to bring his/her family, we can also assist with all the practicalities of the overall relocation process.

Questions about the GTS Nordic 3rd party solution?


For all non-EU passport holders, it is required to obtain a valid work permit when contracting and working in the Nordics. 

As a part of our payroll and management services, we can sponsor work and residence permits as well as Business Visas for non-EU passport holders.

Working in the Nordics without a valid work permit can lead to substantial penalties and fines for your company as well as deportation for the consultant. GTS Nordic will be your guarantee for a professional and compliant handling of foreign consultants.

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Your local partner

We are pleased to assist in every aspect of the immigration process including:

Work and residence permits

To qualify for a work permit, the consultant must have received an official offer of employment from a Danish, Swedish or Norwegian employer.

Business Visa

We can assist with any global business visa. A business visa is solely for business relations and meetings which have no involvement in anything considered labor.

Family residence permits

Once the work permit has been approved, a family permit can be applied for. As long as the family adhere to the conditions set by the local Immigrations, they may stay with your consultant during the entire duration of the contract.


We can offer your consultants on employed solutions to be covered by GTS Nordic's Public Liability, Personal Indemnity insurance, Private Health insurance and/or Compulsory Industrial Injury insurance.

Need assistance with immigration?


Our expert team tailor to the needs of each individual consultant at each stage of their relocation – prior to arrival, during the assignment and once it is time to leave again.

GTS Nordic is a premium service company catering to the needs of all foreign consultants who are to work in the Nordics enabling our team to assist Scandinavian and International Companies with any mobility assignment.

We are privileged to work with global partners to ensure that the consultants arrive in their new settings with ease. We inform and guide them in every step of the process to ensure all mandatory registration is fulfilled.

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Accommodation support services


Basic package

  • Temporary Accommodation Support, assistance with finding, booking and pre-payment of your temporary accommodation
  • Temporary accommodation can be either booking hotel or hotel apartments as per your preference, availability and budget
  • We deduct this pre-paid amount from your Net salary when we prepare your monthly payroll
  • It can easily take up to 2 to sometimes 3 weeks to find an accommodation so a booking for approx 2 weeks is recommended

Note: Basic package does not include any support with lease paperwork or other concerned formalities.


Plus package

  • Contacting various rental companies
  • Searching apartments and sending links (max 5) of vacant properties
  • Arranging house/ apartment viewings
  • Liaison between yourself and rental company
  • Preparing rental paperwork, proofreading rental contracts
  • Advance payment of rental deposit (2-3 month's rent upfront) and current month's rent
  • Formalities concerned with closure of lease, notice to vacate, refund of deposits

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Relocate easily

GTS Nordic can assist in every aspect of the relocation including:

Airport pick up

Cross-cultural trainings

Temporary Accommodation

Learn the language

Spouse assistance

Mandatory Registration Guidance

Settling in



Bringing your pets


At GTS Nordic, we arrange for all statutory reporting to local authorities, such so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Our team of specialists provide a high level of service and ensure dedication and focus on your unique needs. We are able to provide and facilitate payroll in accordance to local legislation – tailored to your preferred set-up, mix of employees and requirements.

We ensure to keep you well informed on legislative changes to ensure on full compliance with local law and legislation.

Our payroll consultants and accountants have focus on your data being processed timely and correctly in order to secure an on-time payment of salaries and correct reporting/settlement towards the different authorities in accordance with the strict GDPR rules. 


What we offer

Payroll administration

We offer management of all aspects of payroll administration.

Via our internal procedures  we ensure tax and legal compliance, and full documentation of your payroll set-up.

Flexible solutions

We can assist with flexible solutions for temporary consultants.

Our payroll consultants and accountants have full focus on your data being processed timely and correctly.

Tax and compliance

We ensure to keep you well informed on legislative changes to ensure on full compliance with local legislation.

Backup and Security

There will always be minimum 2 persons who will know and understand you payroll setup and handling. All payroll related data will be treated and stored according to GDPR and best practice.

“..We do not offer a “one-fits-all” solution as we know that every person operating in the Nordics have different needs at different times. …”

Need a Payroll Solution?

Payroll FAQ

Is there a minimum amount of employees?

No, we are able to handle one single person or 250 persons - and the recommend set-up might change in accordance with how your business develops in Denmark.

What tax schemes can GTS facilitate?

We are able to handle all the different tax schemes such as the Normal Progressive Income Tax, The §48e - Expat Taxation SchemeHydroCarbon Taxation and the International Hired-out of Labour Tax. 

Do you have fixed costs?

The payroll fee depends on the actual services required, the complexity and the number of persons to be pay-rolled.

When do you run the monthly payroll?

Your payroll is processed once a month and typically the net payment is made available for the employee(s) at the last working day of the month.

What are the social contribution rates?

In Denmark, basically all the social security costs are included in the employees income tax. The employer costs is therefore approx. 80 € / month / person.

The social contribution taxes in Norway are divided in two parts; one for the employer and one for the employee. The employer pays 14,1% of the gross salaries, and the employee pays 8,2%.

The social contribution in Sweden is paid by the employer and is 31,42% based on the gross salary for normal income taxation. For SINK taxation it is 19,86%.

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