Read about Bornholm’s energy island (the new Danish energy island), offshore wind farms in Denmark and how GTS Nordic helps foreign specialists connect with some of the industry leaders of the renewable energy sector in Denmark.

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Energy Island Bornholm

Energy Island Bornholm

Nestled amidst the serene Baltic Sea, the Energy Island Bornholm has emerged as a remarkable testament to Denmark’s commitment to renewable energy. Commited to turn Bornholm into the world’s first dedicated energy island, the project showcases a pioneering approach to sustainable energy solutions. Denmark’s unique perspective on renewable energy creates exciting opportunities for foreign specialists and businesses looking to establish themselves alike.

Key Features of Renewable Energy in Denmark

Here are the three most important aspects you should know about renewable energy in Denmark.

The Decentralized Model of the Danish Energy and Sustainability Sector

Denmark's renewable energy framework thrives on a decentralized model, empowering local communities to actively participate in the clean energy transition. By embracing community-based energy initiatives, such as cooperatives and local ownership of renewable energy projects, Denmark promotes grassroots involvement and fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among its citizens.

Wind Turbines
located in
the Baltic Sea

Denmark's commitment to renewable energy is signified by its strategic focus on wind power. Wind turbines, both onshore and offshore, play a central role in Bornholm's energy landscape. Harnessing the raw power of the Baltic Sea winds, these turbines generate clean electricity, meeting local energy needs and facilitating the integration of surplus energy into the national grid.

Leaders through Innovation and Collaboration

Denmark's renewable energy sector is spearheaded by a culture of innovation and collaboration. The country's commitment to research and development, coupled with strong public-private partnerships, has facilitated groundbreaking advancements in renewable energy technologies. From pioneering offshore wind farms to smart grid solutions and energy storage systems, Denmark fosters an environment that encourages innovation, enabling continuous growth and improvement in the renewable energy landscape.

What is an Energy Island?

The essence of an Energy Island is s a holistic and integrated approach to energy production, storage, and consumption. By harnessing renewable resources and implementing advanced energy systems, these islands strive for complete energy independence, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels while minimizing carbon emissions.

Bornholm's journey towards becoming an Energy Island aligns harmoniously with Denmark's overarching vision of transitioning to a low-carbon society, showcasing the practical application of sustainable solutions on a local scale.

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