Contract of Employment (COE) in Denmark, Sweden & Finland

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Contract of Employment (COE) in the Nordics

A Contract of Employment (COE) is a fundamental agreement between employers and employees that outlines their rights and obligations.

In this article we outline how COEs work in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, and how an Employer of Record (EOR) service provider like GTS Nordic can assist with COEs for employees and independent contractors on temporary assignments in the Nordics.

Contract of Employment (COE) in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland

  • Denmark: A Contract of Employment (COE) in Denmark is a legal agreement between employers and employees, covering important employment terms and conditions. EORs like GTS Nordic can provide expertise to ensure COEs comply with Danish labor laws, minimizing compliance risks.

  • Sweden: In Sweden, a COE defines the employment relationship and includes essential details such as working hours and compensation. EORs can assist with drafting COEs that meet Swedish labor law requirements, ensuring compliance.

  • Finland: In Finland, a COE outlines the terms and conditions of employment, including remuneration and benefits. EORs like GTS Nordic can help businesses draft COEs that adhere to Finnish labor laws, providing compliance support.

How an EOR (Employer of Record) can help with your Contract of Employment (COE)

Partnering with an EOR like GTS Nordic offers several benefits for employers and independent contractors:

    • Experts in Nordic law: GTS Nordic has in-depth knowledge of local labor laws, providing guidance on COEs that align with legal requirements.

    • Compliance Assurance: GTS Nordic stays updated with labor laws, ensuring COEs comply with the latest regulations in the Nordic region.

    • Administrative Support: GTS Nordic handles administrative tasks such as payroll and benefits administration, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations and contractors on completing their assignment compliantly.


A Contract of Employment (COE) is essential in the Nordic region to establish employment relationships. EORs like GTS Nordic provide valuable support in navigating COEs and ensuring compliance with local labor laws. By partnering with an EOR, businesses can streamline administrative processes and minimize legal risks when hiring employees or engaging independent contractors for temporary assignments in the Nordic region.

Discover how GTS Nordic can help you stay compliant on your next assignment in Denmark, Sweden or Finland.

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