What is the Danish Salaried Employees Act?

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The Danish Salaried Employees Act: What It Means for Consultants in Denmark

Denmark has strong labor laws that prioritize fair treatment and employee rights. The Danish Salaried Employees Act, while mainly focused on full-time employees, also has implications for consultants working on temporary assignments in the country. In this article, we’ll explore the key points of the act and how it affects consultants.

Scope of the Act

The Danish Salaried Employees Act primarily applies to full-time employees but also covers consultants who work in a subordinate role, follow employer instructions, and are integrated into the company’s operations.

Working Time and Overtime

Consultants are entitled to a maximum average working time of 48 hours per week, including any overtime. If consultants exceed this limit, they should receive overtime pay or compensatory time off.

Notice Period and Termination

Consultants covered by the act usually have a three-month notice period for contract termination. However, this can vary based on the assignment length and any specific agreements made.

Annual Leave and Public Holidays

Consultants on open-ended contracts usually fall under the act and are covered by five weeks of paid vacation per year, just like full-time employees. They also have the right to take paid leave on public holidays.


The Danish Salaried Employees Act provides a framework for fair treatment of consultants on temporary assignments in Denmark. Understanding the act’s provisions ensures that consultants receive similar benefits and rights as full-time employees. It’s important for both consultants and employers to be aware of their obligations to maintain a positive working relationship. Seeking legal advice or consulting relevant authorities can help ensure compliance with the act and other applicable regulations in Denmark.

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