Global HR platform vs Local EOR (Employer of Record) choosing the right solution for you

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Making the Right Choice: Global HR Platforms vs. Local EOR in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland

Expanding your business in Denmark, Sweden, or Finland requires careful consideration of your global workforce management. Two options to explore are Global HR Platforms and local Employer of Record (EOR) services. Let’s examine the benefits of each and why partnering with a local EOR like GTS Nordic, with expert knowledge in these Nordic countries, can be advantageous.

Global HR Platforms: Expanding Reach

Global HR Platforms centralize human resources management across locations, providing payroll, self-service portals, and analytics. They streamline HR processes and offer insights into the global workforce. However, relying solely on these platforms for expansion may lack in-depth knowledge of local labor laws, tax regulations, and employment practices. This could lead to compliance issues and risks of misclassification.

Local EOR: Expert Knowledge and Compliance

Partnering with a local EOR like GTS Nordic offers distinct advantages in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Local EORs possess expert knowledge of these countries’ labor landscapes, staying updated with regulations for compliance. We offer specialized services such as payroll, benefits administration, and legal compliance tailored to each consultant’s specific needs.



Choosing between Global HR Platforms and local EORs is crucial for expanding in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. While Global HR Platforms provide centralized HR management, partnering with a local EOR like GTS Nordic ensures expert knowledge and compliance with local regulations. With our specialized services and deep understanding of the market, GTS Nordic helps businesses navigate HR complexities and achieve successful expansion in the Nordic countries.

In doubt about which option is best for you? Contact GTS today – we can help you understand your potential options better.

Experience the Nordics

Relocating to another country is a daunting task. But your local assignment should not be about paperwork, complicated processes and tedious legislation. It should be about experiencing everything Denmark, Sweden or Finland has to offer. With GTS Nordic as your local partner, relocation becomes a smooth and hassle-free process.

Credit Worthiness

This ensures a professional relation between GTS Nordic and our contractors based on trust and compliance.

Local EOR Solution (GTS)

  • Personal service & contact person
  • Flexible solution
  • Experts in local law
  • 100% compliant
  • Automated payroll w. personal service
  • GTS events for consultants, free tickets to cultural experiences
  • Employer costs included in our local EOR solution