What does a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) do?

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Unlock Business Success in the Nordic Countries with a Professional Employment Organization (PEO)

Running a business in Denmark, Sweden, or Finland comes with its own set of challenges. From navigating labor laws to managing HR functions, it can be overwhelming. That’s where a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) like GTS Nordic can be your strategic partner.

PEOs are experts in HR management. They handle tasks like payroll administration, benefits management, and compliance with labor laws, while you focus on your core operations. Let’s explore how engaging a PEO can streamline your business in the Nordic countries.

Benefits of a PEO in the Nordic Countries:

  • Compliance Made Easy: The Nordic countries have stringent labor laws, and staying compliant is crucial. PEOs possess in-depth knowledge of these regulations, ensuring your business meets all requirements, from employment contracts to termination procedures.
  • Local Expertise: PEOs have extensive knowledge of the local labor market. They can provide insights into labor trends, compensation benchmarks, and effective recruitment strategies. With their assistance, you can access top talent effortlessly.
  • Efficient Administration: HR tasks like payroll processing and benefits administration can be time-consuming. PEOs leverage advanced technology platforms to streamline these processes, freeing up your time to focus on your core business.
  • Cost Savings: Engaging a PEO can lead to cost savings. PEOs use their scale and purchasing power to negotiate competitive rates for employee benefits and insurance. Moreover, by outsourcing HR functions, you avoid the need for additional HR staff, reducing overhead costs.
  • Risk Management: PEOs share the burden of employment-related risks. They guide you through best practices and implement risk mitigation strategies, protecting your business from potential liabilities.


In the dynamic Nordic business landscape, partnering with a PEO can give your company a competitive edge. By entrusting your HR functions to experts, you ensure compliance, access local expertise, streamline administration, save costs, and manage risks effectively. Whether you’re a start-up or a multinational enterprise, a PEO is your key to success in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Contact GTS today – we are an experienced PEO (Professional Employment Organization) with entities in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

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