What is the Swedish Tjänstergruppliv (TGL) and are temporary workers covered by it?

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TGL: Protecting Expats and Consultants in Sweden

Tjänstegruppliv (TGL) is a vital life insurance policy for expats and consultants on temporary assignments in Sweden.

It provides financial security to designated beneficiaries in the event of an employee’s death. With employer contributions, TGL offers peace of mind and support. As an expat, you are not guaranteed to be covered by Tjänstegruppliv (TGL), unless you choose GTS Nordic as your Employer of Record in Sweden.

Applying for Tjänstegruppliv (TGL) Coverage:

  • Employer Responsibility: Employers in Sweden are responsible for providing TGL coverage to their employees. Expats and consultants working temporary assignments should confirm with their employers that they are included in the TGL policy.

  • Understand Coverage Details: Expats and consultants should familiarize themselves with the coverage details of the TGL policy offered by their employer. It is important to review the terms and conditions, including the amount of coverage provided and the designated beneficiaries.

  • Consider Additional Coverage: Depending on personal circumstances and preferences, expats and consultants may consider supplementing their TGL coverage with additional life insurance policies. Seeking advice from insurance professionals can help in making informed decisions.


Tjänstegruppliv (TGL) is a valuable group life insurance policy that provides financial protection for expats and consultants working temporary assignments in Sweden. It offers peace of mind, financial security, and support for their beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of their death. Expats and consultants are encouraged to ensure they have TGL coverage through their employers and consider additional life insurance options for comprehensive protection.

Consultants employed by GTS Nordic in Sweden are automatically fully covered by TGL.

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