What is the Swedish Trygghetsförsäkring vid arbetsskada (TFA)?

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Understanding Trygghetsförsäkring vid arbetsskada (TFA) in Sweden

Expats and consultants undertaking temporary assignments in Sweden require comprehensive protection in the event of work-related injuries. Trygghetsförsäkring vid arbetsskada (TFA), an occupational injury insurance, plays a crucial role in providing a safety net for individuals exposed to occupational risks. This article explains the significance of TFA for expats and consultants working temporary assignments in Sweden.

Benefits of TFA for Expats and Consultants

Financial Protection: TFA ensures that expats and consultants have the necessary financial coverage in case of work-related injuries. It provides compensation for medical expenses, temporary or permanent disabilities, loss of income, and rehabilitation costs.

Medical Care and Rehabilitation: TFA includes access to essential medical treatments and rehabilitation services for injured individuals. This ensures timely and adequate care to aid their recovery and facilitate a smooth return to work.

Job Security: TFA provides job protection during the recovery period. It prohibits employers from terminating the employment of injured individuals solely due to their injury or disability, fostering a sense of security and continuity.

Streamlined Claims Process: The TFA system in Sweden follows an efficient claims process, ensuring prompt handling and resolution of compensation claims. This expedites the support expats and consultants receive in times of need.


Trygghetsförsäkring vid arbetsskada (TFA) is a vital insurance coverage for expats and consultants undertaking temporary assignments in Sweden. It provides financial protection, medical care, and job security in the face of work-related injuries.

Consultants employed by GTS Nordic in Sweden are automatically fully covered by TFA.

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