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Since 1999, GTS Nordic has assisted international consultants from all over the world conduct business in the Nordics.

As an Employer of Record with offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, we utilize our expertise and in-depth knowledge to provide the highest level of service in our field by helping our partners and clients with our complete Nordic Employment Solution.

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Denmark, Sweden, Finland


Sustainability & Renewables, IT & Engineering, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Sustainability & Renewables

The Nordic region has positioned itself as a global leader in the renewables and sustainability sector, driving the transition towards a greener future. With abundant natural resources, forward-thinking policies, and a strong commitment to innovation, Nordic countries are at the forefront of renewable energy production and sustainable practices.

From wind and solar power to hydroelectricity and bioenergy, the Nordic region harnesses its diverse renewable resources to generate clean and efficient energy. These countries prioritize sustainability in various sectors, including transportation, construction, and waste management, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and increased resource efficiency.

The Nordic renewables and sustainability sector serves as a model for global sustainability efforts, inspiring other nations to adopt green solutions and work towards a more sustainable and resilient planet.

IT & Engineering

Denmark, Sweden, and Finland offer excellent opportunities for expats in the IT and engineering sectors. These countries have well-developed industries, thriving tech ecosystems, and a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

In the IT sector, all three countries have vibrant tech scenes and are home to numerous companies, startups, and research institutions. Cities like Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), and Helsinki (Finland) are major IT hubs, attracting skilled professionals from around the world.

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Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

The Nordics have emerged as a global powerhouse in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of innovation, research, and development. Home to a myriad of world-class biotech companies, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki serve as a vibrant hubs for groundbreaking discoveries and cutting-edge advancements. Discover the thriving biotech and pharma industry in the Nordics, highlighting the influential Nordic biotech companies and the opportunities they present for contractors and consultants working temporary assignments.

We employ consultants on assignments for Biotech & Pharma industry leaders such as ...

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