Read about the thriving IT & Engineering sector in Denmark, Sweden & Finland and how GTS Nordic helps foreign specialists connect with some of the industry leaders.

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Engineering & IT Projects in Denmark & Sweden

Denmark and Sweden are renowned for their thriving engineering & IT sectors, providing excellent prospects for professionals seeking opportunities such as aerospace engineering projects. Aerospace engineering in Sweden & Denmark, as well as civil engineering, biomedical engineering and software engineering (IT) are booming with projects and opportunities in Denmark and Sweden.

Aerospace Engineering Opportunities in Sweden & Denmark

Sweden & Denmark's aerospace engineering industry covers a wide range of areas, including aircraft manufacturing, avionics, and satellite technology. With established aerospace companies and research institutions, both countries offers ample opportunities for engineers to contribute to innovative projects. Whether it's developing next-generation aircraft or advancing space exploration technologies, Sweden & Denmark's aerospace engineering landscape is ripe with exciting career prospects.

Innovative IT Hubs

Denmark, Sweden, and Finland offer excellent opportunities for expats in the IT and engineering sectors. These countries have well-developed industries, thriving tech ecosystems, and a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

In the IT sector, all three countries have vibrant tech scenes and are home to numerous companies, startups, and research institutions. Cities like Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), and Helsinki (Finland) are major IT hubs, attracting skilled professionals from around the world.

The demand for IT expertise in these countries spans various domains, including software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and gaming. Expats with relevant IT skills and qualifications can find rewarding career prospects. Denmark, Sweden, and Finland offer a high standard of living, a healthy work-life balance, and supportive work cultures that foster collaboration and innovation.

Systems Engineering Opportunities in Sweden

 Sweden is well-known for its engineering prowess, and the country offers numerous opportunities for expats in the field. Swedish engineering companies are globally recognized for their innovation and expertise. Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö are major engineering hubs, with a focus on sectors such as automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, systems, and manufacturing.

In Sweden, engineering roles related to automotive engineering, mechatronics, automation, systems, IT, telecommunications, and advanced manufacturing are highly sought after. The country encourages sustainable engineering practices and invests heavily in research and development. Expats with engineering skills and a passion for innovation can thrive in Sweden's engineering industry.

Employer of Record for the IT & Engineering Industries

GTS Nordic acts as Employer of Record for some of the leading IT & Engineering companies in the Nordic countries. Quit worrying about compliance and local law – let GTS Nordic be your partner on your next assignment or project.

Advantages of Contracting in Denmark and Sweden

High demand, high flexibility

Both Denmark and Sweden have a strong demand for IT & engineering professionals, leading to a steady stream of project opportunities. This high demand ensures a continuous flow of contract work and allows contractors to choose projects aligned with their skills and interests.

Contractors often enjoy competitive compensation packages, including higher hourly rates compared to full-time employees. The demand for specialized skills and the need for short-term expertise contribute to attractive remuneration for contractors and possibilities to enjoy benefits such as the Expat Taxation Scheme.

We are local specialists for contractors working in the IT & engineering sectors in Denmark, Sweden & Finland

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