Do you need help onboarding engineers, project managers or other highly trained specialists from inside or outside the EU?

Let us assume all liability for hiring – we are the preferred local Employer of Record.

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... with onboarding contractors in the Nordic countries.

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Energy Island Bornholm

Swedish law and legislation can be complicated. With our all-inclusive Employer of Record solution, you can avoid misclassification of your workforce and hire efficiently for your next project – without having to worry about orchestrating payroll, obtaining work visa and ensuring safe relocation and onboarding for your newhires.

At GTS Nordic we specialize in employment. And we belive in trustservice and compliance.

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Credit Worthiness

This ensures a professional relation between GTS Nordic and our contractors based on trust and compliance.

Local EOR Solution

  • Personal service & contact person
  • Flexible solution
  • Experts in Swedish law
  • 100% compliant
  • Automated payroll w. personal service
  • GTS events for consultants, free tickets to cultural experiences
  • Employer costs included in our local EOR solution

Sustainability Engineering - Swedish Pioneers

As scandinavian pioneers, Sweden has set ambitious goals to reduce their carbon footprint. Spearheaded by several environmentally conscious businesses, and reinforced by countless governmental projects such as the Electric Road System in Sweden.

Naturally, all these projects, whether in the private or public sector, require a highly talented workforce with specialized knowledge to execute successfully.

Let us save you the hassle - we are experts for expats.

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As the preferred Nordic EOR Partner, we have over 500 active consultants working temporary assignments in Denmark, Sweden & Finland. We work with several major recruitment agencies to help them optimize their workflow.

We have over 20 years of experience, so if you need help running payroll, relocating your employees or staying compliant in the Nordic countries, look no further than GTS Nordic.

We are local specialists for contractors working on engineering, manufacturing & sustainability projects.

Whether you have a job offer or are looking to relocate or hire employees compliantly on your next project, GTS Nordic is your local specialist.