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Our Vision,
Your Mission

We value the mutual trust between GTS Nordic and our partners; it is integral to our company that the people we support have confidence in the process as we guide them through it.

Together, we ensure that compliance is at the forefront of every solution we offer to our specialists, and this allows you to focus on completing your assignment in the Nordics.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and providing you with an outstanding service is our finest task. We make sure that you receive reliable assistance while employed by GTS Nordic.

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What is an Umbrella Company?

If you’re a temporary worker looking for employment opportunities, a Nordic Umbrella Company could be a great solution. As a popular choice for recruitment agencies, an umbrella company like GTS Nordic can employ you and pay your wages.

Keep in mind that an umbrella company is not resposnible for finding temporary work for you; that task is left to the recruitment agency, also known as an ’employment business.’

While GTS Nordic is your employer and responsible for paying you, the work you perform will be for one of the recruitment agency’s clients, usually on a short-term basis.

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