Working as an independent contractor in Norway is great! Norway is ranked as the happiest country in the World (2017 World Happiness Report), and it is not economics alone that makes the Scandinavian countries top this list every year. The country is trustable and it has good social foundations, such as free schools and medical care for everyone.

Even though taxes in Norway are high, being a contractor in GTS Nordic means that you are taken care of by a team of professionals that are experts in navigating through the regulations in our country. In our projections we take advantage of the possible tax deductions you may be entitled to receive, giving you the best retention rates possible to receive by using legal and compliant solutions.

You want a compliant and "hazzle-free" contactor period in Norway? With GTS Nordic you are in the best hands.


Retention rates includes tax deductions benefits
All our projections includes the best possible tax deductions you might be entitled to receive, due to your employment situation. For example, if you are a commuter with a house or family in your home country, all expenses related to housing and travels might be directly deducted from your taxable income.

Payment of taxes

Calculating, reporting and paying taxes in Norway might be challenging due to the need of local knowledge. With the GTS Nordic solution the contractor or agency are 100% sure that this is handled according to the current regulations and laws.


Tax return

All expats and employees in Norway will on annual basis receive a pre-filled tax return which needs attention before filing it. GTS may help you find the deductions you are entitled to and save taxes..

The best arguments

Increased retention

Unlike other umbrella companies, GTS Nordic has deep and local knowledge of taxable deductions which can increase your retention rate in a legal way.

Local knowledge

We are locally based, speaks the local language and have in-depth local knowledge of the Norwegian tax system.

One click away

GTS Nordic Norway offers free online access to the payroll process. Upload timesheets, download payslips and have control of your next pay date.

“GTS Nordic enables the contractor to focus on her or his natural skills and interests, instead of using unnecessary time on administrative tasks”

William Vallestad - Director, GTS Nordic


What do you need to send me a projection?

Send us the contract rate and information about your family situation, and we will produce a projection within short time

What is a commuter?

A commuter is an employee living with family or children in another country than Norway, and travelling home at least 3 times per year. In this situation you may be entitled to deduct a large portion of your expenses in Norway from your taxable income.

Can I use my LTD company?

Yes, but then this company needs to be registered as an employer in Norway, and you will need to file company tax returns in addition to personal returns. The retention rate will probably not be higher, and the tax office might see your company as fully liable for taxes and VAT in Norway.

What are your fees?

We operate with fixed price fees that are transparent and fair, not percentages of your contract rate. Contact us to receive the best projection, including our fees.

Does GTS also do recruitment?

No, GTS Nordic is a pure administrative service company, not doing any form of recruitment. We just make sure that the contract period in Norway is "hazzle-free" and completely compliant.


GTS Nordic also offers payroll for companies in addition to employment services for contractors. Payroll for companies in Norway is performed within the framwork of local legislation, and is handled with top notch payroll systems and procedures.

Setting up payroll for companies requires that the foreign company registeres a branch office in the Norwegian Business Register. GTS Nordic or its local presence through our partner ECOVIS Ardur Tax, will be registered as the entity's accounting company to ensure online access to the payroll reporting portal.

The payroll process will be set up in a matter that ensures on-time and fast processing of all payslips within the agreed due dates.

Reporting requirements

For foreign companies the payroll procedure might be challenging in Norway without local knowledge. With GTS Nordic you can relax and be trusted that all aspects of the process is handled carefully, such as:

  • Income tax deductions
  • National insurance contributions
  • Holiday pay
  • Mandatory pension deduction
  • Administration of statutory sick pay
  • Payments of wages
  • Administration of insurances
  • The deposit of tax deductions
  • Assistance with obtaining a liability waiver
  • “A-meldingen” tax reports

Taxable income

All income earned in Norway must be payrolled and declared in Norway. Depending on tax treaties, income is often liable for Norwegian income taxation and Norwegian National Insurance.

For most foreign companies, running payroll in Norway unassisted is almost an impossible task. The end result is often that workers pay too much tax, and never claim their entitled cash tax refund. We in GTS can follow you through the complete process of payrolling employees in Norway.

By choosing GTS as your payroll partner, you are ensured full compliance and valuable advice. We will advice you on a compliant and cost-effective setup, and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

“GTS Nordic processes over 10 000 payslips every year in Scandinavia. Does this mean we are good? Maybe - but we always strive to be even better”

Poul Lund Christensen - Managing Director, GTS Nordic


Why do we need a local branch office in Norway to run payroll?

In Norway there is an obligation to process payroll through an organization number in order to pay the employees' taxes. This is a non-negotiable fact, but the entity might under certain circumstances be registered as a non-taxable company

What are the social contribution rates?

The social contribution taxes in Norway are devided in two parts; one for the employer and one for the employee. The employer pays 14,1% of the gross salaries, and the employee pays 8,2%.

How often is payroll processed?

Normally once a month, but not limited to. In Norway you are flexible in regards to which day of the month payroll should be processed, but the tax reporting is done on a monthly basis with a fixed due date.

Can anyone run payroll in Norway?

If you want to use an external provider of payroll services, this company must have a license as an Authorized Accounting Company.

How many employees do we need?

GTS runs payroll for companies from 1 - 250 employees, so we are able to suit most of your needs of payroll services within Scandinavia.


Immigration to Norway is strictly regulated and have an increasing national focus. As Norway is not a member of the EU, the process is also different that that of the other countries in EU. This has made it complicated to apply for work/residence permit, and it is becoming more and more common to have support in filing the application.

GTS in Norway have a close collaboration with an experienced and professional relocation company. Their knowledge and skills is crcucial to submit a correct and efficient application to ensure work/residence permit in Norway. It allows for the person(s) that are entering Norway to rely on a single-contact solution that will be compliant and hassle-free, ensuring that the application(s) will be approved without countless contacts and documents going back and forward.

We can assist with:

  • Work and residence permit
  • Family residence permit
  • Home finding, utility connection and orientation
  • Settling in services: bank account, health care and more
  • Many other services on demand
  • Among the most efficient application time in Norway
  • A knowledgeable process ensuring to meet the applicant's needs

How to apply for work permit

In order to obtain a work permit and residence permit in Norway, it all starts with having a valid contract of Employment.

When this is in place, it can be sent for inspection at The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. They will check its validity, and after this the permit application can be sent. The application consists of many documents, all of which has to be correctly filed. This will in turn be processed and the work permit will be granted as a token of a successfully sent application.

Handling this on your own is surely possible, but may require both time and investigation. By handling it through GTS and our trusted partner in Norway, we will swiftly gather the necessary documents from you and make sure the processing time is kept at a minimum, with a dependable end result.

Figures to show you

Successful Record

Almost all of payroll clients chose to use our immigration and relocation services. Surveys have shown that they believed this was a smart move. We think so, too.

Professional service

GTS provides services you can rely on. This means that you can avoid stressful follow up and insecurity.

Demonstrable Results

Through all our work and residence permits, not one has been rejected. We believe this is because of our know-how. Let us show you how.

“GTS Nordic is prepared to enable expats to thrive in Norway. That's my goal. That's what we're here for."

Jørgen Svendgård - Director at GTS Nordic Norway AS


I am a job seeker and I need a VISA/work permit.

When you have an actual agreement regarding an assignment in Denmark, we can assist you with the practicalities. If you are only looking for a job, we are unfortunately not able to assist you.

Can I bring my family along to stay with me?

Once your work permit has been approved, a family permit can be applied for. As long as your family adhere to the conditions set by the Norwegian Immigrations, they may stay with you during the entire duration of your contract.

Why should I choose Norway as oppose to other countries?

Many expats are pleasantly surprised by the characteristics of Norway and its work culture. Many believe in maintaing a healthy balance between work and private life. Combined with the nature and the city life, Norway has a lot to offer.

How am I able to come to Norway to work?

Once you have been offered a job and have a signed Contract of Employment, we may submit a work and residence permit application on your behalf. When this is approved by the Norwegian immigrations, you are able to commence working here in Norway.

We are an employer and have emplyees that are going to work in Norway.

Contact us to let you know how we may help you in enabling your employees to work in Norway. We can arrange many different set-ups and packages to ensure a smooth entry and stay in Norway.


We guarantee a professional service solution where when you are entering and staying in Norway. Either as a person coming here to work, or as an employer relocating employees, we understand that good preparation and a keen sense of detail is the key to success. We will make the transition smooth and enable you to rely on a efficient and hassle-free entry to Norway.

With our in-depth understanding of international mobility, we provide essential information to assist in getting you and your family established in Scandinavia.

Settling in - in Norway

Norway is a country with many foreign workers and inhabitants. Most people speak good English and will happily assist you - if you ask them first. This makes settling in and finding your way in setting up your life in Norway a possible quest, although some elements may require you to spend some time Learning "how to" in order to achieve the required result. The benfits from using a relocation company will in this regard speed up the processes and enable you to focus on what you came to Norway for - be it work and hopefully also enjoy the nature or the city life.

GTS Nordic in Norway can assist in every aspect of relocation through our trusted partner, including:

  • Airport welcome
  • Home finding
  • Utility Connection
  • Move in assistance
  • Settling in services
  • School and child care assistance
  • Spouse career support
  • Activities and courses
  • Orientation tours
  • Move out assistance
  • And many other services

“Once being a foreign worker in Norway myself, I can understand the difficulties you encounter when entering Norway. The relocation services we offer simplify everything."

Ding Xu - Consultant at GTS Nordic Norway


What is the most difficult part of Relocating?

Understanding the new Culture and embracing new customs can initially be a difficult part of an assignment, particularly when the culture is vastly different from what you are accustomed to. Researching the culture and keeping an open mind will assist you greatly in dealing with new situations that will constantly arise. The most efficient way in which to conquer these challenges is to seek Cross Cultural Training either prior to departure, or at your new destination. We can arrange this for you.

Are there international schooling options or is the Norwegian education system a better option?

We can assist and guide you to find a school which suits best your childrens needs. There are many International Schools as well as public schools which base their education on the International/European Montessori system so you can be assured that your child will continue to be provided with a high level of education.

How do I find a place to stay in Norway?

Finding a home, either permanent or temporary, may be an easy task through our preferred partners in Norway. Renting an apartment on your own may prove difficult if you're here for a shorter period, and it may be required to pay the rent for a longer period of time in advance.

GTS Nordic are able to search, secure and sign a rental lease agreement on your behalf.

When I am ready to leave Norway, what should I do?

We assist you with your de-registration and guide you on how to notify all the local authorities.