Payroll Service

... run compliant payroll with ease.

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With our payroll services

payroll management

Payroll Management

Run compliant payroll and make sure your employees are paid on time.
business establishment

Business Establishment

Establish your business in Denmark, Sweden or Finland with ease.

Bookkeeping Services

GTS Nordic offers flexible bookkeeping services. Let us be your partner.

We are Nordic payroll specialists

Our dedicated team of payroll specialists has vast experience with providing and facilitating our streamlined payroll service in accordance with local legislation. Whether you require payroll management in Denmark, Sweden or Finland, GTS Nordic offers a flexible and compliant solution for you.


Streamlined Payroll System with 1:1 personal guidance

Our payroll service includes salary calculations, salary & tax payments, reporting to authorities, payroll reports, reimbursements of sick leave and maternity leave and more.

  • Upload Payslips

    Using GTS Portal you can easily access your payslip with one click.

  • Paid Compliantly

    GTS Nordic makes sure you are paid compliantly, and on time. Everytime.

GTS consultants at Nordhavn
We assist businesses in denmark, sweden & finland

Establish your business compliantly

We cooperate with lawyers to give you the best possible service in terms of business registration and establishment.

  • Daily business

    We continously help and support established business with staying compliant. Let us run your payroll.

  • Establishment

    We help with tax registration, providing work permits to your employees and providing a c/o address at GTS Nordic.


Say goodbye to complicated accounting

The GTS Nordic accounting team works closely with or acts as your own accounting team. We make sure that reports are delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis to meet your company's standards.

  • Bookkeeping reports

    We do bookkeeping and report on a monthly / quarterly basis.

  • Budgeting assistance

    We assist with preparing and executing your budget.

We have succesfully onboarded 3000+ consultants across Denmark, Sweden & Finland

As the preferred Nordic EOR Partner, we have over 500 active consultants working temporary assignments at big companies. We work with major recruitment agencies to help them optimize their workflow.

We have over 20 years of experience, so if you are looking for a partner to manage your payroll compliantly and make sure your employees are paid in a timely manner, look no further than GTS Nordic.



Payroll Service

  • Salary calculations
  • Salary & tax payments
  • Reporting to tax authorities, pension companies etc.
  • Posting of payroll reports
  • Reimbursement of sick leave and maternity leave

Business Assistance

  • VAT reporting: monthly or quarterly
  • Annual business report
  • Onboarding for your new hires: work permit, tax registration etc.
  • C/O address with GTS Nordic
  • ... And more

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