Swedish Employment Solution

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With a Swedish Employment Solution, GTS Nordic becomes employer of record and the consultant is placed on our payroll.

GTS Nordic takes on all liabilities associated with employing foreign workers, such as ensuring that tax and CPR registration is completed on time, social security contributions, reporting and payment of taxes.

Your Employment

Employment solution

We offer employment in our Swedish legal entity and assist consultants in working compliantly in Sweden.

We take care of all employer tax filings and payments.
We further provide advice regarding social security coverage and tax schemes available.

Tax Registration

We assist contractors in getting registered with the Swedish tax office including filing of tax relief application where applicable.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Our employees are covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance including coverage for General liability and Product liability.

Occupational Injury Insurance (TFA)

Our employees are covered by the customary TFA (Trygghetsförsäkring vid arbetsskada) insurance.

Life Insurance

Our employees are covered by the customary TGL (Tjänstegruppliv) insurance.

Pension & Insurance handling + set-up

GTS Nordic offers set up and handling of pension and insurance agreements, which includes managing monthly payment of insurance premiums and employer taxes on an annual basis as well as ad hoc pension contributions. 

We work with recognized insurance brokers and can offer an employer adminstered pension and an insurance package of employee’s choice.

Work in Sweden. Compliantly.

Our Solution

We guarantee that the contract meets the requirements of the Swedish employment laws and relieve consultants and end clients of having to worry about compliance.

Contractor Testimonials

... What people say about us

“I want to thank you for the impressive service and attention to my needs during the 3 plus years working in Denmark, the attention to my documents and scheduling of the appointments was very good and kept things on track for my work permit and residency permit.

I would hope that maybe in the future the opportunity for us to work together presents itself.”
Rodney Grubham


No matter if you are residing in the EU, outside of the EU or locally in Sweden, our streamlined Employment Solutions ensure that you meet the mandatory requirements and legislation pertaining to your employment in Sweden.

With our add-ons we give you the opportunity to customize your solution to meet your every needs. Do you represent a business that wishes to hire foreign contractors directly? Check our 3rd party services.

Work Permit

We handle the monthly payment of insurance premiums and employer taxes on an annual basis as well as ad hoc pension contributions.

Sponsored Visa

We can provide sponsored visa to your spouse and/or children under our fast-track procedure, as long as the sponsored visa is applied for at the same time as the work and residence permit.

Pre-Payment Service

We offer pre-payment based on approved time-sheets. Pre-payment is subject to individual offers and conditions.

This option carries a cost of 2% of the net.

Leasing Car Set-up & Handling

We can offer to administer a leasing car agreement where the end-client typically would enter into the leasing agreement and GTS Nordic takes care of the taxation of the employee.

We also handle the taxation of fuel benefit in payrolling and make sure it is reported correctly to the tax office.

Handling Of Expenses Per Diem/Km Allowance

We take care of reimbursement of business expenses, payment of per diem and km allowance as stipulated by tax office in the monthly payrolling.

IDO6 Card

We can arrange for the customary IDO6 card for our employees and make appointments for identification and shipment.

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GTS Nordic is fast-track certified, and we are able to process and issue work permits within approximately 2 weeks.

The onboarding process for both non-EU and EU consultants is incredibly fast in Sweden. 

Yes. At GTS Nordic we have many years of experience in offering highly flexible, streamlined solutions for your employment and payroll needs.

Sweden has thriving pharmaceutical, vehicles and industrial machines sectors. Engineering in general also has a lot of opportunities.

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