How to get a CVR number?

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Danish CVR Number: Implications for Hiring and Business Establishment

The Danish CVR number holds significant importance for businesses hiring workers or contractors from outside Denmark and those seeking to establish themselves in the country. This article provides a concise overview of the CVR number’s implications and its role in these processes.

Understanding the CVR Number:

  • The CVR number is a unique identification assigned to Danish businesses by the Danish Business Authority.
  • It serves as an official registration number for administrative and legal purposes.

Hiring Workers/Contractors from Outside Denmark:

  • Verification: Companies must verify the CVR number of foreign entities to ensure legal compliance.
  • Tax Obligations: Tax implications, such as withholding taxes and reporting, should be considered when hiring foreign workers/contractors.
  • Work Permits: Non-EU/EEA nationals generally require work permits to work in Denmark.
  • Social Security Contributions: Compliance with social security contribution requirements is important.

Establishing a Business in Denmark:

  • Company Registration: Businesses must obtain a CVR number by registering with the Danish Business Authority.
  • Legal Entity: Choosing the appropriate legal entity (e.g., ApS, A/S) requires careful consideration.
  • Taxation and Reporting: Familiarity with Danish tax regulations and accurate reporting is essential.
  • Employment Regulations: Understanding obligations, such as minimum wage and working hours, ensures compliance.


The Danish CVR number is a vital aspect of hiring foreign workers/contractors and establishing a business in Denmark. Its role in verification, tax compliance, work permits, and legal obligations cannot be overstated. By grasping the implications of the CVR number, businesses can navigate the processes effectively, ensuring legal compliance and successful operations in Denmark’s business landscape.

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