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Consultants, contractors, specialists, and freelancers on assignment in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland need a way to handle payroll and adhere to local laws. GTS Nordic acts as the local employer to ensure compliance from start to finish.

Our dedicated team of international experts facilitate the necessary paperwork and processes to comply with all local legislation. This allows our consultants to focus on the core assignment, while we manage the hassle of administrative work.

Employment Solutions

We assist consultants and contractors in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland to fulfil the strict compliance requirements of the Nordic countries by reducing the administrative tasks associated with working in a foreign country

Immigration Service

Non-EU citizens are required to obtain a work permit when working in the Nordic countries. One requirement to qualify for a work permit is an official offer of employment from a Nordic employer.

Payroll Service

We are able to provide and facilitate payroll in accordance with local legislation. We tailor our services to accommodate your preferences, setup, and requirements while making sure that local regulation is met.

Relocation Assistance

Our team of experts are on hand to advise the individual at each stage of the relocation process, prior to arrival, during the assignment, and once it is time to leave again.

Our Story

Since 1999, GTS Nordic has assisted international consultants from all over the world conduct business in the Nordics.

As a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, we utilize our expertise and in-depth knowledge to provide the highest level of service in our field by supplying our partners with outstanding employment solutions, immigration services, relocation assistance, and payroll solutions.

“… Every consultant receives a unique number in our system to ensure correct handling, but to us consultants are never just a number. We develop a professional relationship based on mutual trust to ensure a hassle-free, smooth and transparent handling of business …”

– Poul Lund Christensen
Managing Director, GTS Nordic