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Our Employer of Record solution makes it easily possible to hire freelancers
or complete your assignment in Denmark, Sweden, or Finland.

We act as the local Employer of Record with entities in Denmark, Sweden and Finland
to ensure compliance from start to finish.

Staying compliant requires knowledge of the complicated laws in your country of employment. 

We are experts on employment laws in the Nordics.

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Since 1999, GTS Nordic has assisted international consultants from all over the world conduct business in the Nordics.

As an Employer of Record with offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, we utilize our expertise and in-depth knowledge to provide the highest level of service in our field by helping our partners and clients with our complete Nordic Employment Solution.

Hear it from our clients...

“I want to thank you for the impressive service and attention to my needs during the 3 plus years working in Denmark, the attention to my documents and scheduling of the appointments was very good and kept things on track for my work permit and residency permit.

I would hope that maybe in the future the opportunity for us to work together presents itself.”

Rodney Grubham


"GX greatly values our partnership with GTS Nordic. We have experienced an excellent level of service from this partner, including good response time, a high level of professionalism and subject knowledge. We would highly recommend GTS Nordic."

Katie Twynam

Global Expansion

"I would like to express my gratitude to the entire GTS Nordic team for their support, guidance, and camaraderie.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside such dedicated professionals."

Srichandar Krishnan

PLM Group


Quit worrying about compliance



We have unparalleled experience with Nordic employment. Whether you need an EOR (Employer of Record) partner, help managing your payroll or a compliance partner for hiring workers, we will find a flexible solution for you.

G reat Service

We pride ourselves on our integrity and providing you with an outstanding service is our finest task. As your Employer of Record, we make sure that you receive reliable assistance while employed by GTS Nordic.

T rust Mutually

We value the mutual trust between GTS Nordic and our partners; it is integral to our company that the people we support have confidence in the process as we guide them through it.

S tay Compliant

Together, we ensure that compliance is at the forefront of every solution we offer to our specialists. Having GTS Nordic as your EOR Partner allows you to focus on completing your assignment in the Nordics.

Credit Worthiness

This ensures a professional relation between GTS Nordic and our contractors based on trust and compliance.

Local EOR Solution (GTS)

  • Personal service & contact person
  • Flexible solution
  • Experts in local law
  • 100% compliant
  • Automated payroll w. personal service
  • GTS events for consultants, free tickets to cultural experiences
  • Employer costs included in our local EOR solution

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As the preferred Nordic EOR Partner, we have over 500 active consultants working temporary assignments in Denmark, Sweden & Finland. We work with several major recruitment agencies to help them optimize their workflow.

We have over 20 years of experience, so if you need help running payroll, relocating your employees or staying compliant in the Nordic countries, look no further than GTS Nordic.

Employer of Record in Denmark

GTS Nordic offers an Employer of Record (EOR) solution in Denmark that enables companies to expand their business without setting up a legal entity, and independent contractors to fulfil their assignment compliantly. As a legal employer, GTS Nordic manages relocation and onboarding of remote employees and contractors, their payroll, benefits, taxes and more. With our extensive international and Nordic network, we help businesses simplify their global expansion process. 

Employer of Record in Sweden

GTS Nordic offers an Employer of Record (EOR) solution in Sweden that allows businesses to expand without establishing a legal entity and enables independent contractors to work compliantly. As the legal employer, GTS Nordic handles relocation, onboarding of remote workers, contractors’ payroll, benefits, taxes, and more. With our vast Nordic network, we assist businesses in simplifying their expansion process. 

Employer of Record in Finland

Are you looking to expand your business operations in Finland? Are you faced with the complexities and legal obligations of hiring, relocation and onboarding of employees? Do you have a job offer from a company located in Finland, but are unsure how to navigate the legalities as an expat? Look no further! GTS Nordic is here to offer you a streamlined solution through our Employer of Record (EOR) services in Finland.

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