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Visa & Work Permit

We are fast-track certified, which ensures a smooth process for obtaining essential visas and work permits, simplifying mobility for you and your employees.

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Title Line Employer of Record We Simplify the Complicated:

Ready, Set, Onboard

Intro Meeting
Payslip Projection
Contract Agreement
Onboarding Meeting
Start Date
Accomodation Guide
Tax Registration
CPR Registration
Bank Account Setup
Post-Onboarding Details
Hiring employees compliantly takes a lot of effort...
Partner with GTS Nordic as your local Employer of Record. Get a personal contact person.
That's it! You're free to focus on other important areas of your business.

Our Employer of Record solution...

As the preferred Nordic EOR Partner, we have years of experience with onboarding consultants in Denmark, Sweden & Finland.
We offer flexible solutions – whether you represent a recruitment agency, an end-client or you got a job offer and need help relocating, we can help you.

Full Onboarding Service

GTS Nordic is with you at every step of the way throughout the onboarding process.
Don't worry about authorities and strict compliance requirements. We ensure a smooth process.

Ease of access with GTS Portal

GTS Portal is a one-stop access point for sharing information
and documents related to your employment in a secure and safe manner.

Fast-Track Certified

We specialize in expediting the mobility process to guarantee a swift and efficient transition for you or your employees.
We are Fast-Track Certified for pre-approving work permits.

100% Compliant Growth Accelerator

Delegate resources to other aspects of your business or finishing your local assignment.
Let GTS Nordic ensure your compliance with local law.

PA and PI Insurances

Our Personal Accident (PA) Insurance provides robust full-time coverage, offering peace of mind with compensation up to €70,000
for accidents that happen in both your professional and personal life.

Meanwhile, our Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is designed to protect business owners and contractors from the financial
repercussions of professional oversights or errors, such as mistakenly deleting critical data in an IT system.
This coverage ensures you can address the financial impact of such errors up to a limit of €3,000,000, without the worry of bearing the cost for recovery efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Both a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and EOR (Employer of Record) are solutions that help companies expand and operate without establishing a local legal entity. However, there are distinct differences:

PEO (Professional Employer Organization): A PEO serves as a co-employer alongside your company. While the PEO manages HR responsibilities such as payroll, benefits, and compliance, your company retains control over the daily management and operations of the employees. The employment relationship is shared between your company and the PEO.

EOR (Employer of Record): An EOR, on the other hand, becomes the primary legal employer for your staff. The EOR assumes all local employment liabilities and manages all HR-related functions, including contracts, payroll, taxes, and ensuring adherence to local labor laws. This setup offers a more hands-off approach for companies looking to operate compliantly.

In essence, while both models offer payroll and HR solutions, the level of responsibility and engagement varies. An EOR, such as GTS Nordic, offers a more comprehensive solution for businesses that prefer to delegate all local employment tasks and liabilities to a third party.

Absolutely! Our services cater to every business or individual consultant, no matter where you originate from.

Yes, our EOR services cater to both long-term and short-term employment needs. Whether you're looking to onboard permanent team members or require temporary staff for a specific project duration, we facilitate smooth and compliant hiring processes. We also assist in contract preparations, terminations, and any other employment lifecycle stages to ensure a seamless experience for both the employer and the employee.

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Title Line DenmarkSeamless EOR Solution

Employment Simplified

We assist contractors, recruitment agencies and businesses looking to expand in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland & the United States

  • Expand with 100% compliance, hasse-free
  • Get a personal contact person at GTS Nordic for rapid support
  • We manage relocation, onboarding of remote employees, payroll, taxes, benefits & more
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