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About GTS Nordic - Values & Employees

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We are GTS Nordic

Since 1999, GTS Nordic has assisted international consultants from all over the world conduct business in the Nordics. As an Employer of Record with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, we utilize our expertise and in-depth knowledge to provide the highest level of service in our field by supplying our partners with outstanding employment, 3rd party and payroll solutions.

GTS Nordic was awarded Gazelle Company 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Our Values

Our Company.

GTS Nordic's Journey

  • 1999

    GTS Nordic ApS founded.

    Poul Lund Christensen starts helping consultants on temporary assignments in Denmark

    GTS founded
  • GTS Gazelle Company


    Awarded Gazelle Company Prize.

    GTS Nordic continuously grows and is awarded the Gazelle Company prize.

  • GTS Sweden founded


    GTS Nordic Sweden A/B founded.

    Our first local entity outside Denmark is founded.

  • 2018

    GTS Nordic Finland OY founded.

    Our Finnish entity is founded with the goal of assisting Finnish consultants.

    GTS Finland founded
  • GTS Norway founded


    GTS Nordic Norway founded.

    We established our entity in Norway, fulfilling our Scandinavian market presence.

  • Q1 2024

    GTS Nordic North Carolina founded.

    Expanding west towards new horizons, with our core values intact.

    GTS Ecovis
  • ...

    GTS Nordic beyond.

    No matter the obstacles, our future will be built on our three pillars: trust, service and compliance.

    GTS values
Ala Esaadi Ala Esaadi
Employment Specialist

Ala Essaadi

Asger Hougaard Juhl Asger Hougaard Juhl
Financial Controller

Asger Hougaard Juhl

Anders Lund Christensen Anders Lund Christensen
Head of Operations

Anders Lund Christensen

Bodil Lundberg Bodil Lundberg
Employment Specialist

Bodil Lundberg

Casper Leiholt Casper Leiholt
Head of Legal

Casper Leiholt

Emil Otte Brok Emil Otte Brok
Marketing Coordinator

Emil Otte Brok

Emil Præsius Emil Præsius
IT & Digitalization

Emil Præsius

Githa Bruun Githa Bruun
Employment Specialist

Githa Bruun

Jonas Rømer Jonas Rømer
Head of Accounting

Jonas Rømer

Jonas Lastein Jonas Lastein

Jonas Lastein

Kasper Karkov Kasper Karkov
Head of Sales

Kasper Karkov

Team Img Team Img
Head of Employment

Line Elliott

Martin Holmboe Hansen Martin Holmboe Hansen
Junior Financial Controller

Martin Holmboe Hansen

Marta Zych Sørensen Marta Zych Sørensen
Employment Specialist

Marta Zych Sørensen

Natalia Petersen Natalia Petersen
Junior Financial Controller

Natalia Petersen

Nina Marlherbe Himmer Nina Marlherbe Himmer
Relocation Coordinator

Nina Marlherbe Himmer

Prabhuti Erichsen Prabhuti Erichsen
Relocation Specialist

Prabhuti Grewal Erichsen

Peter Foldberg Møller Peter Foldberg Møller
Employment Specialist

Peter Foldberg Møller

Poul Lund Christensen Poul Lund Christensen
Managing Director

Poul Lund Christensen

Pia Sohnemann Pia Sohnemann
Employment Specialist Sweden

Pia Sohnemann

Peter Tuff Peter Tuff

Peter Tuff

Rikke Emkjær Rikke Emkjær
Employment Specialist

Rikke Emkjær

Rikke Stockfleth Jessen Rikke Stockfleth Jessen
Employment Specialist

Rikke Stockfleth Jessen

Rikke Thorsted Rikke Thorsted
Employment Specialist

Rikke Thorsted

Rolf Lind Jensen Rolf Lind Jensen
Relocation Specialist

Rolf Lind Jensen

Sofie Brandt Sofie Brandt
Employment Specialist

Sofie Brandt

Stine Mørk Stine Mørk
Employment Specialist

Stine Mørk

Ulrika Winkler Ulrika Winkler
Country Manager Sweden

Ulrika Winkler

Vibeke Enemark Vibeke Enemark
Employment Specialist

Vibeke Enemark

Maria Jansson Maria Jansson
Employment Specialist Sweden

Maria Jansson

William Fischer William Fischer
Junior Financial Controller

William Kjeldstrøm Fischer

Zeena Abdulali Zeena Abdulali
Employment Specialist

Zeena Abdulali


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